How does Google’s New Layout Predict the Future of SEO

Google has been making small, yet consistent changes to its layout and algorithm over the years. The effect it has had on overall SEO has been gigantic. With every change in algorithm, SEO experts, business owners, and marketing managers try to keep up with new strategies to help them hold their ranks in the SERPs. Unfortunately, the task has been getting tougher than ever, by the day.

Google’s New Layout has yet again changed the way SEO works. To understand how this new layout impacts the future of SEO, let us take a look at changes that have occurred during the last 5 years (2014-2019).

Below-the-fold organic listing

Organic listings have been pulled down over the years. The number one organic listing went from 150 px down to 650 px, which is below where the typical fold lies. This means lower visibility for organic listings.

Lesser organic listings

The number of top listings on the first page of the SERPs has gone down. SERPs mostly show about 7-9 organic results instead of the 10 shown earlier.

Featured snippets

These detailed snippets that Google places above its organic results is often accompanied by an image and might not require the user to click on a link to know more.

What does this mean for the future of SEO?

Keeping these changes in mind, here’s what we can expect from Google in 2020.

Organic clicks – Despite the use of ads, blended or not, users will continue to click on organic results as they have higher domain authority and possibly, better content.

Rise of voice search – Studies say that about half of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. This means lesser clicks on your website unless you optimize your content for voice search.

Better snippets – Future SERPs will show more variations of snippets containing more information to answer user queries.


Google will keep changing its algorithm and layout. While you cannot predict what the next change will be, you can certainly keep up with the current changes and ensure that your SEO efforts match them.

Google Algorithm Changes

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