Simple Retail Hacks to Attract Customers’ Attention

YOU might not be aware of them, but retailers definitely are.

Let’s face it — whether food or fashion, we’re all a bunch of shopaholics. However, in an increasingly saturated market, it’s becoming harder and harder for retailers to attract the attention of consumers, according to Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci, who recently addressed the Global Food Forum in Melbourne.

The supermarket head identified five key factors that influence consumers at the checkout: trust, convenience, addressing the diversity of the country, personalisation, and the growing health and wellbeing market, delicious. reports.

Out of these, the most important factor is trust. “People need to feel that they can come back time and time again to Woolworths and find value for money,” he says.

Banducci believes that trust is a value that should be employed by businesses all over the world, and is one that should never be overlooked by retailers. “You cannot build your business on anything but trust on price — authentic, sheer consistency with your goods.”

Sitting second is convenience. “This keeps being redefined,” says Banducci, who cites the rise of ecommerce as a growing example of how convenience is trending. Easy access is continuing to shape just how people shop and what they buy, and not just online.

“We once offered a service to the elderly,” he says. “There were 200 Woolworths stores where you could leave your groceries on a stand where they could later be delivered. We stopped that only to see Amazon take it up to great success.

“It shows the importance of these kinds of offerings and of proper customer service.”

The Global Food Forum was presented by The Australian. For more see here.

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This story was originally published on delicious.




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