The 7 Best Virtual Reality Headsets Now

Emerging day by day, virtual reality business is becoming very popular. These 10 headsets are the best in the market. 

In the world of wearable technology, virtual reality headsets are very popular in the technology business. Although, the consumers of today have know-how with regards to the products they want to purchase, there are still many options out there.

2016 is the year –especially the late quarter- of virtual reality technologies to be worn in our daily lives, so it’s better to learn the details about a bunch of them.

Late consumers are thrilled to use some popular headsets among all the options. Let’s take a look at the most known Virtual Reality headsets listed below:

1. Oculus Rift

Composed of the famous technology of Occulus, Rift is a piece that people recognize when the term “VR headset” is mentioned. Rift has a headset, motion sensor, remote and the HDMI and USB cables. The motion sensor is at an advanced level in this tool and the vision quality is very high as well.

The headset is about a pound in weight and fairly compatible for any head measurements. It has a gyrometer inside which can detect user’s positions and eye-movements in an expert way. Occulus Rift has 110° FOV(Field of view) and will include controllers soon expected to release.

Video gamers’ favorite item Occulus Rift can be ordered and purchased from the product’s own website.

2. Samsung Gear VR

One of the most common VR headset is Samsung’s Gear VR, owing to the brand high performance is guaranteed for this one. It has a different hardware from the other headsets and a highly-dense graphical power so Gear VR is known as a visual feast.

This tool is designed in collaboration with the Occulus technology and combined with Samsung. Compatible with Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note S7 Edge, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 edge; therefore, it is featured as the most suitable headset with smartphones.

Higher resolution than Occulus Rift, Gear also has an easy-to-use menu navigation and an internal touchpad embeded to the headset. Some of the games are only used via the touchpad. Depending on the smartphone, Occulus App can be used as paid or free.

Samsung Gear is nominated as one of the most successful equipments to experience Virtual Reality.

3. HTC Vive

A technological wonder of Valve and HTC combination, Vive’s quality has made a huge influence on the business. Movement control is very well-developed so it’s serves as a huge benefit while playing games.

Except the headset, the item has a control stick and a mouse so even the tiniest movements are detectable. 1200×1080 resolution quality, HTC Vive has 110° field of view. Therefore, these two are combined and create a wonderful yield of immersion.

Microphone equipment is included in the first generation, but the second ones have a sound system involved via earplugging system. HTC Vive is made of high-end technology GPU and a the absolute best fit for gamers.

4. Playstation VR

Out from the world of PCs, Sony Playstation VR (aka Project Morpheus) is the fame-name for the gaming business. With using the other Playstation 4 equipments, the headset performs great, especially the graphics, which are insane.

The usage of the headset is so easy and comfortable, ergonomic design is shining out perfectly. Blue LED light technology is another applaud-worthy feature in this tool and this serves in the multiplayer usage option.

With Sony quality, the most popular control pads in the world Playstation VR is sure to be a favorite for VR lovers.

5. Razer OSVR

This is the tool which lets you experience the Virtual Reality technology open-sourced. This means that Razer OSVR has a different software system. In this kind of VR sources, users can customize the system personally as well. On every platform, software and control panel, Razer OSVR can easily be adapted and some new developments can be found in the app.

5.5 inches OLED display featured headset also has 1080×1920 FHD resolution quality. This means that the visual quality is super-duper awesome and has 100° field of view. The price/performance ratio is very high in this tool so this will be a potential VR headset in the future.

Razer OSVR is a VR headset that has outstanding features, and thus must be developed.

6. Fove VR

One of the youngest representatives in the VR technology is Fove VR. The only delegate in the foevated rendering, this is the next generation VR headset product which game developers will easily fall in love with.

The benefit of the foveated rendering is to amplify the rendering power where the eye is focused while reducing render of peripheral scenery. Wobbly and exact movements cannot be detected, but, eye movements can easily be caught by the device. 5.8 inch screen has 100° FOV (field of movement). Some sources state that the screen sometimes blurs because of the slow rendering capacity.

However, these weak references given by the users, the aim of the company wants to make FOVE VR dominate medical research, among other fields.

7. Star VR

Popular among the video gaming business, Starbreeze Studios has made a corporation with InfinitEye and no one expected that this kind of different item could have been released. Double screened each 5.5 inches included headset has also a 110° field of view and is making the tool an expert compared to other competitors.

Star VR is run by the QR codes which means by following the QR codes, users can integrate other different accessories as well.

This still-not-released headset has no accurate information about its expected release date. There is also no certain information about the structure and other technical details for the item.

Originally published by on 16/08/2016

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